BSB directory Conservation news BSB Education BSB Nature Preserve Patient Earth United States industry + households have a high energy demand, producing greenhouse gases resulting in climate change. Low education levels resulting in high pollution, low water quality, pushing climate change destruction Germany has a lot of industry. Filters, efficient machines reduce air pollution, water contamination. Rules and laws against erosion try to reduce climate change damage with renewable energy List of BSB web-pages. Germany offers conservation education, but most institutions do not show clearly the connections between education and a better life for humans
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What is the task of our international charitable nonprofit?
We offer education: online, with lectures, and at our Nature preserves
Nature Information on 870+ web-pages.
Conservation education for all, members get free advice!

You can walk with us on a guided tour in the Texas Hill Country

Earth can be beautiful - help BSB to protect the Texas Hill Country - work with us to reduce global warming, climate change, walk with us on guided tours at BSB nature + wildlife preserve in the Texas
Conservation education while bird watching: Golden cheeked Warbler is an endangered bird who breeds only in the Texas Hill Country - Bear Springs blossom Nature conservation provides guided tours to show this endangered bird
Member and visitor come regularly to Bear Springs blossom Nature Preserve in the Texas Hill Country to attend our annual Spring walk and to walk with us on guided tours in our texas hill country nature preserve
BSB Science Biology: milkweed texana is a native plant in the Texas hill country parks, natural areas, and Bear Springs Blossom Nature Preserve
Spring walk at Bear Springs Blossom nature preserve in the southern Texas Hill Country - old mature cedar juniper - Peter Bonenberger and visitor of nature walk
Look - enjoy Nature - learn how Nature works
Many Nature lovers have joined Peter & Marianne, who steward the entire property, protecting endangered birds
and rehabilitating the land by removing invasive vegetation and reviving native plants. You can do that too!

How to live a sustainable life - click to read how to live in harmony with Nature
A visitor asked me:
WHY should I give you money to become a member of
Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation?
I pay many taxes, I pay a lot for gasoline, food prices go up ..

The spouse answered for me:
" It's an investment in the future!"
BSB windmill using the power of the wind to produce clean energy = renewable energy
Windmill producing electricity at BSB Nature Preserve in Texas
Nature in the Texas Hill Country is beautiful! Visit Bear Springs Blossom, see how easy it is to live in Harmony with Nature
Volunteering members of Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation have a great task:
Nature Conservation through Conservation Education

BSB Conservation of native plants of Texas under protection
Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation members are better informed humans, who show responsibility for the next generation and want to protect their children and grand-children's future!
BSB members protect native plants and animals!
Every person can help and make a difference!

areal view over Bear Springs Blossom Nature Preserve with 11 different nature conservation trails on 128 acres, some easy to walk others for experienced hikers, others to protect endangered species as the Golden cheeked Warbler seen close to our Birding Trails, all provided as guided tours in the beautiful TX hill country BSB Science education Biology: butterfly at nature preserve bear springs blossom nature conservation are common and can be seen in different varieties, some of them come with the South wind from Mexico, others are blown in from the North to our Nature Preserve in the Texas Hill Country Bandera County, close to San Antonio Texas
Main-trail Bear Springs Blossom + + butterfly on gay-feather
BSB Science education Biology: Black Willow Nature trail at Bear Springs Blossom Nature Preserve in the southern Texas Hill Country. View at the eastern part in Spring, see nature conservation at work, walk our nature + birding trails on guided tours
One of many BSB-Nature trails
Members from all over the Americas, Asia, Canada + Europe
help us to work on a better future for the next generation!

A future with enough healthy drinkable water and air,
healthy food, and responsible use of natural resources!

Volunteers from Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation
work hard to secure our future and the future of our children!!
Madrone tree arbutus at Bear Springs Blossom Nature Preserve is very rare and endangered in the Texas Hill Country - you can see Madrone trees in all sizes at our Nature reserveblooming Madrone

The more we are, the more we can accomplish!

Cell phone: 830 4600814
BSB is a volunteer organization 501(c)(3)

We all work without a salary, donate our time and money.

Click to see Texas Hill Country Nature Texas Hill Country impression painting with native plants of Texas

Conservation education online: a butterfly needs nature conservation with clean air, healthy water without violent weather, nature preservation through update nature education with less man made chemicals, with less pesticides

Nature conservation through nature education: Protect HIS creation, our slogan to protect nature, all living beings, our oceans, our forests, all animals. And God saw creation was good. B+S+B works hard to protect HIS creation Bear Springs Blossom nature Conservation takes action on Climate change, violent climate endangers life. Climate change endangers food supply, drinking water. Changing climate changes the air we breath, the way we travel, the way we drive. Nature conservation, nature education provides solutions to all worldwide problems, advice how to develop, tips how to live, help how to change climate change, reduce global temperatures. Global warming, climate change really endangering the future of our children,  grandchildren, Climate change endangers earth CO2 levels were never higher - CO2 carbon dioxide a greenhouse gas - an aerosol that works as an insulator in Earth's atmosphere trapping heat. CO2 causes warmer oceans, warmer temperatures, more hurricanes, violent weather - Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation fights pollution and high carbon dioxide levels with nature education, promotes renewable energy. We protect lakes, water, rivers, oceans. We take action to protect the future of the next generation by lowering CO2 levels
Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation + Protection
Conservation Education + lectures + Consulting
global issues include global warming, global dimming, global climate, global temperatures, global oceans, global rainforests, international contamination, whales, coral reefs flora and fauna animals an plants international nonprofit Bear Springs Blossom nature conservation takes action on global dimming. Global dimming reduces the heating up of planet earth. Global Dimming is caused by the same factors that cause global warming and climate change: Burning fossil fuels in huge amounts. Air pollution with visual particles is reducing the greenhouse effect, because the sun cannot shine through all the smog. But pollutants, aerosols are causing human illnesses as asthma, heart disease, respiratory sickness, cancer, illnesses, Parkinson, Alzheimer globally. We take global action, we show solutions endangered species are everywhere on earth. International protection saves many endangered animals in oceans - international education conservation group saves endangered birds, endangered animals in  nature preserve, endangered wild flowers, plants in tropical, temperate rain-forests, we protect endangered wildlife in all continents - we try to save earth, with environmental courses, show conservation in endangered wildlife conservation habitats. The next generation of humans is on the endangered species list, international wildlife protection on land, Earth and water is needed. Take action to protect native plants, trees, birds. enormous use of fossil fuels and waste of energy endangers our earth - the only home we have to live on - all living beings on earth are now endangered species

Great Links for all interested in Texas

Nature and Parks
in Bandera County - Keep Bandera beautiful
Keep Earth beautiful

More info on Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation

Bandera County Visitors Bureau Phone 800-364-3833

Texas Parks and Wildlife Audio Library

Find all the great outdoor places in the TX Hill Country

We work together with many nonprofit organizations to protect Nature on Earth

Do, what all other members of BSB do:
Show, that YOU care for Nature + the next generation!
Thank you for visiting this page!

T E for eco-friendly X xeriscaping in dry climates A for all about Nature S for sustainability

We are conservationists - we promote protection + conservation,
research and utilization of Nature through Education
Become a BSB Master-Conservationist!

BSB offers a great variety of information:
Information for Landowners:
Where is the best place to build my house?
Facing North or South?
Green building - is that important to me?
Solar energy + Wind energy
Water Conservation + Rainwater Harvesting
How to handle native plants?

Click to see Texas Hill Country Nature Texas Hill Country impression painting with native plants of Texas

BSB is managed by volunteers, nobody gets a salary!
We work hard to secure Nature / Earth for the next generation!

Our YEARLY dues:


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Bear Springs Blossom Nature conservation BSB invests all donation into education. No salaries are paid, no office space is paid, no flight tickets or convention expenses are paid. BSB works for your health, for your education Support Earth - Support Education! Write a check to donate
POB 63295
Pipe Creek, TX, 78063
A donation or your yearly dues to our charitable
nonprofit-organization 501(c)(3) is tax-deductible +
help BSB to keep Earth beautiful, to protect our earth globe, work with us to secure our water supply, healthy air, join us to save the rain-forests, to lower the impact of violent weather, storms, floods. Bear Springs Blossom international charitable non profit organization to keep nature beautiful, to protect  Earth's water supply, to lower air pollution, to conserve Nature's biodiversity
We have only this ONE little planet EARTH to live on.
Let's take care of it, save it for the next generation.

when YOU wanted to CHANGE the WORLD???

YOU still can!

Help Nature

Secure the future of your children

Help us to protect Nature!

what can we do to life a sustainable lifestyle, to reduce pollution, to avoid water pollution, to save water

Join us!!
Take action!
Join our group!
join Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation and protect earth, the rain-forests, the coral reefs, endangered species, native plants and all living beings on and in it

BSB conservation education religion: fractals in Nature
WHAT did
God say?

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Conservation Education (CE) is the combination of two words that have become one word to educators.
CE is the ability to give people opportunities to grow in knowledge and create changes to their life style and their environment, to have a better life, to have a safer future!
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