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About BSB - - Contact BSB Bear Springs Blossom news are global news. News that are updated, accurate, not manipulated, just the latest news. World news because we all need to live on this one planet, international news with conservation news headlines. Conservation of Earth is only possible with an updated nature education. Nature conservation to protect the future of humans is our goal. BSB Earth news provide information to update your conservation education which can reduce the impact of climate change, can give people a happier life, can people give a more secure future
Online distance learning endangered bird in Texas: United States environmental destruction could be reduced with more people would learn how important endangered species are. The Golden cheeked Warbler is found in only 13 counties in Texas, nowhere else on Earth. Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation is protecting endangered birds as the Golden Cheeked Warbler. BSB bird protection at BSB Nature preserve to Keep nature beautiful with Nature conservation, reduce air pollution, climate change endangers endemic species as the Golden cheeked warbler, Water conservation, protection of all life, flora + fauna on Earth = human protection, conservation of all water on Earth = human protection, conservation of all soil on Earth = human protection through affordable conservation education online to keep nature beautiful. Population growth, more pollution, more drinking water, lower water quality, more energy, water conservation, Earth's spheres unbalanced, conservation is strongly needed. BSB-research + how to keep Nature beautiful + how to secure our future + how to have a better life! Sustainability and the environment. The meaning of sustainability is the idea of keeping life on Earth alive. To live sustainable is a global issue: sustainable living to keep nature beautiful. Earth is the only planet with liquid water we can use as home. To keep Earth beautiful we need to balance our actions, so our actions are sustainable, keeping the environment intact, helping the next generation. Sustainable acts protect our resources, a sustainable life style shows a  responsible person who cares. BSB offers news on environmental issues, to see the big picture, to have a better life!!
Golden cheeked Warbler in Texas

Golden Cheeked Warbler

GCW found only in 13 TX-counties during summer

BSB Conservation education endangered birds: Golden cheeked Warbler Setophaga chrysoparia is an endangered bird breeding only in the Texas Hill Country. Bear Springs Blossom Nature Preserve provides habitat for seven pair of the Golden cheeked Warbler.
Golden-cheeked Warbler - Setophaga chrysoparia
former Dendroica chrysoparia Golden cheeked warbler on juniper branches found a home at Bear Springs Blossom Nature Preserve in Pipe Creek, Texas Hill Country

It is a small bird, about 5 inches long with a wingspan of 8 inches. Male and female have whitish bellies with black streaks on the flanks.
Golden-cheeked Warblers nest only in central Texas mixed Ashe-juniper and oak woodlands in ravines and canyons.

Warblers eat insects and spiders found on the leaves and bark of oaks and other trees.

Male Golden-cheeks arriving in mid-March will set up a territory from 4 to 8 acres which the male will defend vigorously through song against all other males of the species.
The female alone builds the nest. She uses long strips of cedar bark and spider webs to build a nest.

Migration: Golden cheeked Warblers come to Texas in March to nest and raise their young, and leave end of August to spend the winter in Mexico and Central America.

Loss and/or fragmentation of habitat is the number one cause for species declines in Texas. Golden-cheeked Warblers are endangered because many tall juniper and oak, cherry woodlands have been cleared to build houses, roads, and stores. Some habitat was cleared to grow crops or grass for livestock. Other habitat areas were flooded when large lakes were built.
Golden cheeked Warbler GCW Setophaga chrysoparia endangered bird living only in Texas Hill Country
GCW's need mature junipers = "Texas cedar" to peel fine bark strips the material they need to build their nest. During April, a single clutch of three to four eggs is laid. The eggs hatch in 12 days, and both parents care for the young. Golden cheeked Warblers usually nest only once per season. Male warblers can be located through their territorial song, described as a rather hurried, buzzy “tweah-tweah-twee-sy”, last note mostly very high pitch.
Golden cheeked Warbler GCW Setophaga chrysoparia defending his territory at Nature preserve
Golden-cheeks have a number of natural enemies. Scrub jays and especially Blue Jays have been seen as egg and nestling predators. Other common predators include rat snakes, Virginia opossum, Fox squirrel, great-tailed grackles and possibly ring-tailed cats.
Fire ants do also decimate GCW - they can eat hatchlings, cause adults to desert the nest by stinging the brood patch of the female while she is sitting on the eggs, and probably by reducing the invertebrate prey base.
One of the biggest natural enemies to the warbler is the brood parasite, the Brown-headed Cowbird. Cowbirds search out nests of other species and lay their eggs for the host species to bring up. They will wait for the female of the host to lay her first egg. When the potential host has left to forage, the female cowbird will remove the egg and lay one of her own. Cowbird eggs tend to hatch one or two days earlier than the warbler eggs. This gives the baby cowbird a big jump on the baby warbler in both size and noisiness.

Probably the most serious threat facing the Golden-cheeked Warbler are humans.
Golden cheeked Warbler GCW singing, looking for male competitor at Bear Springs blossom Nature preserve Warbler habitat
GCW's have a highly restricted breeding range and the habitat loss / fragmentation due to urbanization and clearing reduces the areas where this bird can raise their young ones.
Over grazing by cattle, over-browsing by white-tailed deer, goats, and exotics non native contributes to habitat degradation by reducing the survival of seedling oaks and other deciduous trees, which are a vital component of warbler habitat.
A significant decline in population is the result. Recent losses have occurred especially in Bandera, Bexar, Kerr, Travis, and Williamson counties due to rapid subdivision development, urbanization, reservoir construction and flood control
Golden cheeked Warbler is protected on Bear Springs Blossom Nature Preserve. Guided tours on our Nature and birding trails show visitors the beauty of the Texas Hill Country and during the summer months we can hear the typical song of the Golden Cheeked Warbler GCW - sometimes we can
see this endangered warbler/bird

Endangered bird

Golden cheeked Warblers breed at BSB's Nature Preserves
Conservation education online on endangered birds: Golden cheeked Warbler Setophaga chrysoparia is protected on Bear Springs Blossom Nature Preserve. Guided tours on Nature  birding trails show visitors the beauty of the Texas Hill Country and during the summer months we can hear the typical song of the 
Golden Cheeked Warbler GCW - sometimes we can see this endangered warbler / bird
The Golden Cheeked Warbler is on the endangered species list
We protect the GCW on our 128 acres Nature Preserve
in the Texas Hill Country, the only place on Earth
where the Golden Cheeked Warbler can build his nest.

CLICK HERE to find out why nature conservation is the only solution to our problem with climate change / global warming - Keep Earth Beautiful - keep Nature beautiful

Golden cheeked Warbler is protected on Bear Springs Blossom Nature Preserve. Guided tours on our Nature and birding trails show visitors the beauty of the Texas Hill Country. Listen to the typical song of the Golden Cheeked Warbler GCW - protection his habitat

Golden cheeked Warbler is protected on Bear Springs Blossom Nature Preserve. Guided tours on our Nature and birding trails show visitors the beauty of the Texas Hill Country and during the summer months we can hear the typical song of the Golden Cheeked Warbler GCW - sometimes we can see this endangered warbler/bird - The grey counties marked on  this map are the only places on Earth where the Golden Cheeked Warbler can  find the right nesting habitat

Golden-cheeked Warbler Setophaga chrysoparia GCW on juniper branches in its special habitat

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BSB Science Nature conservation facts: Nature lovers + birders like Birding on birding trails with guided tours. Golden cheeked Warbler, Vireo, endangered birds breeding at preserve. See tanager, wren, mocking bird, tit mouse, native + migrating birds at BSB nature preservation area, learn nature conservation online + outdoors

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Conservation education online bird list: native birds seen while birding, walking birding trails on guided tours. See Golden cheeked Warbler, red tailed hawk, Cedar Waxwing, Scrub Jay, swallows, hummingbirds, Mockingbird, robin, roadrunner. Roadrunner fast running Texas bird. Roadrunners have strong bills, catching rattle snakes. Bear Springs Blossom Nature Preserve offers facts on birding. Endangered species act: Golden cheeked Warbler, endangered bird, breeds in the Texas Hill Country - no other place on earth. Golden cheeked Warblers need Texas Hill Country trees, native plants, mature junipers to build a nest. Bear Springs Blossom nature reserves preserves habitat for Golden cheeked Warbler, to provide habitat after migration = GCW. Nature conservation, conserve nature to live in harmony with nature, to protect globally endangered species through international nature protection programs. Cardinals, cardinalidae. BSB Nature Conservation facts about none migratory cardinalis, how to conserve bird species as a master conservationist. Biology classes: Cliff swallows eating insects while flying, balancing Earth's environment. Facts about the migratory Cliff swallow, keeping natural habitats for birds. Updated nature education for being a good conservationist. Nature conservation facts on migrating birds. North American Robin Turdus migratorius migrates through Texas Hill Country easily watched on guided tours at BSB nature preserve birding trails, butterflies. Breeding habitats in Canada, migrating through Texas, the Cedar Waxwing

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