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Global issue recycling: Protect earth through recycling, reuse rebuy recycle to protect earth's water and air, reduce air pollution, water contamination population growth, more pollution, more drinking water, lower water quality, more energy, water conservation, Earth's spheres unbalanced. Recycling reduces water pollution. Keep nature beautiful with Nature conservation, reduce air pollution with recycling, reduce the impact of climate change with recycling, increase recycling rates to extend natural resources. Water conservation with recycled materials. Humans get sick because of pollution, plants die of polluted air + water, animals cannot reproduce because of polluted water. Conservation of natural resources. Solution: higher recycling rates. help to protect earth through recycling, reuse rebuy recycle to protect earth's water and air. Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation: recycling is part of protection of all life. Keep nature beautiful with Nature conservation, reduce air pollution with recycling, reduce the impact of climate change with recycling, increase recycling rates to extend natural resources. Water conservation with recycled materials = protection of all life, flora + fauna on Earth = human protection, conservation of all water on Earth = human protection. Millions of years earth balanced a natural environment. Global warming endangers the biodiversity of human food. Millions of years earth balanced a natural environment. Global warming endangers the energy balance. Conservation of all water on Earth = human protection, conservation of all soil on Earth = human protection through affordable conservation education online to keep nature beautiful. BSB-research + how to keep Nature beautiful + how to secure our future + how to have a better life!
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Recycling Quiz

BSB Recycling Quiz provides answers!
Facts about Recycling:
WHY should we recycle?

Check your knowledge ... Have fun!
Click to start our Recycling QUIZ: recycling protects our children, reduces air pollution, recycling quiz gives answers, recycling facts, recycling saves money

Why, how and what to recycle is a part of BSB's online Conservation education program.
A lot of schools are using our information but recycling facts are still missing in many states. Sometimes laws replace the need for knowledge.

BSB charitable nonprofit offers information for teachers and students, but with your help we can better spread the word!

Many recyclable materials are banned from state landfills, including aluminum cans, wooden pallets and glass alcohol and beverage containers, but often when we walk over a landfill we find these valuable items.
BSB recycling information includes what materials can be internationally recycled? Recycling saves resources,  prevents air water pollution, protects natural resources. Reuse, rebuy, recycled all products. Recycling facts on steel recycling, aluminum recycled cans. Paper recycling to protect rain forest trees, reduce air pollution, plastic recycling reduces oil consumption. Recycling is active Nature conservation Do you know what materials can be recycled?
Recycling to save resources!
All raw materials and all energy are provided by our blue planet Earth, but they are NOT endless.
Unfortunately, most of the provided raw materials and energy are not usable as they appear in Nature and are spread globally in deposits.

Men need to use a lot of energy and resources to produce the materials we need.
We have to collect, clean, concentrate, and transform these resources to generate primary raw materials that are usable for people and industry.

Using recycled materials reduces the amount of energy and reduces the amount of materials we have to dig out!

Most of all things we use can be recycled!
BSB Recycling Quiz to see the big picture; recycling container of Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation in the Bandera County recycling station filled with metal cans but nature knew how to beautify it. BSB recycled material is used to produce new metal posts
Most of what we throw away is made from materials that are slowly running out
or cannot be replaced quickly enough because of the amount we consume.

Many of the products we throw into landfills
have a value and can be used / recycled again.

How much do you know about Recycling?

Do you know Recycling can lower your gasoline prices?
Most of all metals, most of all glass
most of all plastics, most of all paper products
most of all organic materials = all can be recycled!
When you recycle organic waste on a compost pile you can make compost from kitchen and garden waste.
Composting green waste saves valuable space in landfills which is running out.

With recycling you save energy

Making new goods out of recycled material saves energy.
Making new aluminum cans from recycled cans uses 20 times less energy than
making cans from the raw material.

1 recycled tin can would save enough energy to power a television for 3 hours.

1 recycled glass bottle would save enough energy to power a computer for 25 minutes.

1 recycled plastic bottle would save enough energy to power a 30-watt light bulb for 6 hours.

70% less energy is required to recycle paper compared with making it from raw materials
and think about all the trees that would stay alive.

Recycling helps to protect the environment or to say it different:
Recycling helps to protect all of us!

Reducing what we have used and recycling all these materials reduces the need to dig up or mine new raw materials,
which always damages the surrounding environment.

Conservation education online: benefits of recycling: recycling helps to protect Earth. Recycle materials to lower the use of natural resources, recycle to lower water contamination, recycle to lower air pollution protect HIS creation is a slogan we use to protect nature, all living beings, our oceans, our forests, all animals - and God saw creation was good - we work hard to protect HIS creation Pollution is earth's biggest problem - get a solid international online education Bear Springs Blossom nature Conservation takes action on Climate change, violent climate is endangering our life. Climate change endangers our food supply and our drinking water. Changing climate changes the air we breath, the way we travel, the way we drive. our nonprofit group BSB provides different solution to all these worldwide problems, advice on the way we develop, tips on the way we live, help how to change climate change and reduce global temperatures. Global warming and climate change really endangering the future of our children and grandchildren, Climate change endangers our earth as we know it Science: CO2 levels were never higher - CO2 carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas - an aerosol that works as an insulator in Earth's atmosphere trapping heat. CO2 causes warmer oceans, warmer temperatures, more hurricanes, violent weather - Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation fights pollution and high carbon dioxide levels with nature education and the use of renewable energy. We have to protect lake water rivers and oceans. Take action to protect the future of the next generation by lowering CO2 levels
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Science biology: no life on Earth without photosynthesis - governments try to reduce emissions to reduce the effects of climate change caused by burning fossil fuels with a regulatory system called cap and trade.  Air pollution is causing global warming with violent weather, with hurricanes, world wide floods, tsunamis, human illnesses as asthma, heart disease, respiratory sickness, cancer, Parkinson, Alzheimer Your health is often endangered by contaminated food. Chemicals, pesticides, fungicides find their way into our food and water supply containing mercury, lead, perchlorate, antibiotics, hormones, and other chemicals - learn about healthy food, unpolluted drinking water, healthy air international non profit Bear Springs Blossom nature conservation takes action on global dimming. Global dimming reduces the heating up of planet earth. Global Dimming is caused by the same factors that cause global warming and climate change: Burning fossil fuels in huge amounts. Air pollution with visual particles is reducing the greenhouse effect, because the sun cannot shine through all the smog. But all these pollutants  and aerosols are causing human illnesses as asthma, heart disease, respiratory sickness, cancer, Parkinson, Alzheimer globally. We have to take global action to come to solutions global warming is caused by burning fossil fuels, causing pollution - it took millions of years to produce fossil fuels, but humans decided to burn them in a few centuries - Global warming is caused by air pollution
When you know more about our Earth You and your children will have a better life.
When you know more about RECYCLING you will know how to give a safer future to the next generation!
We inform you, we give tips - answer questions!
We are a charitable volunteer organization - nobody gets a salary -
our most important task to help our members.

recycled products help to reduce the use of natural resources, lower air pollution and water pollution
recycling helps to reduce the use of natural resources, lowers air pollution and water pollution

Learn to understand = have a better life!
CLICK HERE to find out why nature conservation is the only solution to our problem with climate change and global warming - Keep Earth Beautiful

Click to learn more about sustainability - your sustainable life will give your children a safer better future

How can we define RECYCLING?

Recycling involves processing used materials into new products in order to prevent waste of potentially useful materials,
reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials, reduce energy usage, reduce air pollution (from incineration)
and water pollution (from land filling) by reducing the need for "conventional" waste disposal, and lower greenhouse gas emissions as compared to virgin production.
Recycling is a key component of modern waste management and is
the third component of the

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" waste hierarchy.

A few common Recyclable materials:
Glass, paper, cardboard, metal, plastic,
textiles, organics, and electronics.
Mexico environmental problems include not enough affordable nature conservation education to expand food production - Spain offers to little conservation education courses - Indonesia cuts down a lot of tree. Missing nature conservation education leads to deforestation, water contamination, erosion problems because of deforestation, endangering marine life and humans - China has a growing population, more energy, more food, nature conservation education is very low on the to do list - German schools offer conservation education, but a lot of people are too busy to learn new things

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Philosophy education: Does the law of nature change human brains? positively negatively? Learning new topics requires an open mind, knowledge to build on, the ability to ask why, where, how, open to environmental personal responsibility
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BSB Science Nature conservation education: pollution facts, types of pollution, international pollution science. How to reduce global pollution, global greenhouse gases, global wildfires. Humans on Earth need better air quality, better water quality, unpolluted healthy rivers + ocean protection. Hurricanes kill animals + humans. Lower pollution with efficient home appliances, less energy waste, less water waste. Nature conservation reduces air pollution, water pollution with recycling, promotes green driving, energy conservation through better energy efficiency. Answers to all pollution environmental issues. Peter Marianne Bonenberger give lectures, fun filled multimedia presentations to show why to protect Earth's Nature

Greenhouse Gases

BSB research on global warming is always updated by scientists who clearly show: global warming is caused by burning fossil fuels fast, causing different types of pollution, resulting in wild destructive weather. Plant growth of millions years created fossil fuels, humans burn fossil fuels fast destroying efforts for a long lasting nature conservation. Low recycling rates = high consumption of natural resources = lower greenhouse gas emissions. Global warming causes greenhouse gases part of international air pollution + water pollutants emissions. Global warming outcome: violent weather, storms, hurricanes, blizzards, worldwide floods, low air quality, tsunamis, human illnesses, food shortage, property loss

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About flora

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conservation education online: questions + answers: pollution facts, water facts, recycling facts, earth globe, how air pollution, how oil pollution, going green. Nature easy explained by volunteers of Bear Springs Blossom Nature conservation

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Former NASA employees support Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation. Robert Taylor, Vice president, BSB Master Conservationist. NASA studies: understand air pollution, climate change, environmental disasters. NASA's space satellites information on Geology, earth maps, record heat, record wildfires, record water shortages, record ice melting. NASA's scientists: how climate change + pollution changes life on earth = destroying Earth. NASA science news video + photos

BSB Science: robots help humans. Robonaut 2 accompanies astronauts. Medicinal robots help humans, do robot surgery. Garden robots mow lawns, reduce water consumption, pesticide use, reduce energy use, providing a healthier environment in buildings. Robots help businesses Going green with reduced air pollution, water contamination, less oil

BSB diversification science physics, biology, chemistry education online. Master Conservationist understand what happens in nature, updates conservation education, knows how to change climate change, how nature works, takes responsibility. BSB Master conservationists solve problems, understand why floods, droughts, fires, deforestation, air pollution, water contamination, water conservation, soil erosion, urban sprawl, depletion of natural resources are endangering whole countries. Master Conservationists help, advice on environmental issues. Becoming a BSB master conservationist gives knowledge to be a land conservationist, Nature conservationist, real Nature lovers, environmentalist by knowledge

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BSB research and external studies clearly show that almost all terrorists have very low education levels. Support to BSB helps to spread an always updated education to all. Better informed people make better decisions, having a better life!
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