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Logo of Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation, international charitable nonprofit organization providing nature conservation education to all countries on Earth Signature of Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation, international charitable nonprofit organization Emissions are bad for all life. Cap and trade could lower these emissions. Ethics religion would require humans to Keep nature beautiful, to reduce pollution, to care for birds, to care for flora and fauna, to care for their children. But many species are endangered, maybe our children will not see them anymore. Updated conservation news help to stay up to date. United States air pollution, toxic emissions could be lowered with cap and trade. Millions of years earth balanced a natural process. BSB offers help on environmental issues, to see the big picture, to have a better life. Updated conservation news help to stay up to date, to have the information for educated decisions. Great Britain education system does not offer much updated conservation education on water. Bear Springs Blossom Breaking conservation news on nature conservation that report violations on air pollution, water pollution. BSB has to report bad behavior, destruction of nature, polluting air, soil and water, deforestation causing erosion, greenhouse gas emissions rise, all the time. Indonesia needs better nature conservation, many islands get deforested, tons of soil eroded by destroyed riparian areas. Nature conservation news tells you about Earth' environment. Environmental news to protect air + water + soil + food. BSB-research published in these news helps to keep Nature beautiful + to secure our future!
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Cap and Trade

a solution for pollution?

Do you like to trade?

What is Cap and Trade?

Can Cap and Trade reduce Air pollution?
The cap is a legal limit set on one type of air pollution.
A coal fired power plant is ordered not to emit more than a certain number of tons of carbon dioxide per year, and is allocated one credit for each ton it is allowed to emit. Each year the cap is lowered, until the pollution is reduced to a level that scientists and regulators deem safe.
Trade is used because markets are used to trade those pollution credits. Polluters who clean up their act so much that they are well below their yearly cap can sell the leftovers for a tidy profit to others that cannot or will not meet their own cap. In some cases the government auctions the allowances instead of allocating them.

The idea is to create incentives for industry to invest in new technology and alternative fuel sources, with a level playing field ensured by continuous, verifiable emissions monitoring.

Will it work?
In the past it worked partly.
The track records for other cap-and-trade programs are sobering. Not one has definitively cleaned up a major environmental problem. Adding insult to injury, environmental justice advocates say the market programs have allowed power plants and other industry to keep spewing out toxic pollution by buying credits from elsewhere.
Some new cap-and-trade programs have demonstrably helped reduce pollution. But we are still not sure that a cap-and-trade system would deliver in time the significant cuts in greenhouse-gas emissions that we need to prevent catastrophic climate change.

So what we need are more responsible humans! People who care for their children
people who care for their neighbors
Join Bear Springs Blossom, the more we are the better we can help you to deal with the coming challenges.
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Better in-depth knowledge helps us preserve and
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A good environmental education helps us to understand and to deal with coming changes and challenges.
Education helps us to protect our families!

In general, under cap and trade, the amount of carbon that energy producers emit is capped. They can exceed that cap through the purchase, i.e., "trade," of carbon permits. The money for those permits would be collected by the government and presumably redistributed under a system still being crafted.
"The reality is the cap-and-trade legislation offered amounts to an economic declaration of war on the Midwest by liberals on Capitol Hill," Chairman of the House Republican Conference Mike Pence (R-Ind.)
"It's pretty clear that we are going to increase costs on every American with this plan -- and the other thing we need to keep in mind is the millions of American jobs we are going to put at risk if we impose this new tax on American industry when our competitors around the world will not," John Boehner (R-Ohio)

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Conservation education online greenhouse gas reduction with cap and trade laws: smog in New York is often a health problem for humans and animals
Smog in New York is often a
health problem for humans and animals

Conservation education on cap and trade agreements: less smog, more responsibility, a better life, a better future
Human and animal lungs are damaged by smog

BSB Conservation education on cap and trade agreements: less smog, more responsibility, a better life, a better future. Bad air is causing more illnesses, kills more people, pollution makes life for humans and animals miserable. Responsible cap and trade agreements would save many lives
Pollution goes up - Asthma and lung diseases go up
Can you see the trend?

Become a member of Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation!
You will get free advice to have a better life!
As a member you are able to be better prepared for the coming challenges!

Mexico environmental problems include not enough affordable nature conservation education to expand food production - China has a growing population, more energy, more food, nature conservation education is very low on the to do list - India is a country full of potential. With a better education system and less corruption India could become number 1 in Asia - - - German schools offer conservation education, but a lot of people are too busy to learn new things

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BSB Online Science education: Biology, physics, geography by Bear springs blossom nature education. BSB answers nature education questions based on interdisciplinary science, water conservation for kids, water chemistry, water pollution, answers to see the big picture, to realize how Nature works, why we need knowledge to understand, water issues, updated nature education on recycling, pollution, earth maps, facts on climate, chemicals, healthy air. Why update your nature education? Earth's environment is changed by close to 7 billion humans. Pesticides are toxic. International Nature Conservation preserves Nature to keep humans alive. Conserve Nature to reduce air pollution, to slow down climate change. Solutions how to keep Nature beautiful through conservation. Earth's atmosphere makes life possible, protects life on Earth, conserves warmth, but is changed and endangered by human pollution. International Nature Conservation is needed to keep Nature beautiful, to preserve nature. An updated environmental education about conservation of the environment is essential. Updated environmental news online, science classes, land restoration workshops, how to conserve nature = Earth's environment, how to keep biodiversity, how to reduce habitat destruction in a global world. Deforestation is a global issue. Interdisciplinary science works with conservation facts, explains why disasters, floods + droughts occur. How clean water, volcano environment, and climate change are related. BSB offers pollution solutions, facts about pollution, facts on recycling, water facts, earth globe news on international soil conservation, and air conservation. International Nature conservation is important for human conservation. A nature conservationist tries to save earth nature, reduces the effects of pollution, protects endangered species, does active recycling

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