Sitemap BSB Education Fear Not Patient Earth Search India is a country full of potential. With a better education system and less corruption India could become number 1 in Asia, but the coral reefs will be in decline Germany offers a lot of conservation news. But news on how to see the big picture are rare
Logo of Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation, international charitable nonprofit organization offers informative speeches. See many informative topics. BSB research clearly shows: Earth is warming up, global temperatures are climbing, pollution is causing global warming. Ethics would require humans to Keep nature beautiful, to care for their children. Nature conservation news can pinpoint the problems. Global warming is one of the problems. German Nature Conservation education preserves Nature internationally providing updated science based facts, wind energy facts, water conservation tips, advice on global issues, on how to keep Nature beautiful. Conservation education a very important German governmental topic Learn why nature conservation is ethical. Conservation topics: air pollution, climate change, increase recycling, ocean conservation, Water conservation, protection of all life, flora + fauna on Earth = human protection, conservation of all water on Earth = human protection, conservation of all soil on Earth = human protection through affordable conservation education online to keep nature beautiful. Guest lecturer Marianne Bonenberger talks about conservation, how to keep Nature beautiful, how to secure your future, how to stay alive with violent weather, floods, earthquakes storms. Nature conservation keeps Earth' environment beautiful. Earth is endangered by pollution. Polluted air, polluted water, polluted soil, contaminated food endangers life. Humans need Nature conservation to stay healthy, protected from chemical pollution. Nature conservation is all about Earth' environment! All about a better life for all life on earth. Logo of Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation, international charitable nonprofit organization providing nature conservation education to all countries on Earth Signature of Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation, international charitable nonprofit organization
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Ocean acidification

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coral reefs are dying. United States once had many healthy coral reefs, but oil and chemical industries destroyed most coral reefs around the United States. BSB coral protection is urgent. Low education levels resulting in high pollution, low water quality, destroying coral reefs. Great Britain could help to protect cold water corals but water contamination and acidification destroys corals. Keep nature beautiful with Nature conservation: Earth's coral reefs are threatened by emissions, warmer oceans - dead corals are a threat to all life on Earth. Earth is warming up, global temperatures are climbing destroying coral reefs, environmental problems include endangered coral reefs. Pollution is causing global warming - nature conservation is the only response to protect humans future.  BSB-research helps to keep Earth beautiful + to have a better life!
Earth is changing

Coral reefs

Important and very fragile!
BSB Conservation education online: coral reef fish are beautiful, colorful, endangered species of the food chain in Earth's oceans -  coral conservation is essential for human food
coral reefs are beautiful, part of the food chain in Earth's oceans -  understand why coral conservation is essential for human life
Coral reefs are the kindergarten of most fish

Coral reefs on Earth are endangered by ocean acidification!

Coral reefs are beautiful + a very important factor in the food chain of Earth's oceans.
Coral reefs are the 'kindergarten' of 60% of all ocean fish
Imagine people having no sea food anymore...

Coral is primarily Calcium carbonate = chemically CaCO3

Calcium carbonate is found in rock in all parts of Earth.
Coral reefs, shells of marine organisms, snails, pearls, and eggshells contain mostly Calcium carbonate.
Calcium carbonate is altered by acids, releasing carbon dioxide CO2

How coral reefs have been formed

Coral reefs polyps secret CaCO3 building underwater structures, we call reefs.
On these structures live tiny animals, we call coral polyps. Looking at a coral reef one can barely see these hundreds, thousands of life forms that live together in huge groups. Coral reefs are found in warm, shallow, unpolluted, sunny and oxygen rich waters.

Some call Coral reefs the rainforests of the sea, because they are one of the most diverse ecosystems on Earth. Growing on about one percent of Earth's ocean area, they provide a habitat for over a quarter of all marine species, as fishes, mollusks, echinoderms and many different varieties of sponges.
BSB coral protection to conserve humans food. Conservation education online: coral reefs home a big variety of fish and marine life balancing with their biodiversity the food chain in Earth's oceans. Join BSB to learn why BSB coral conservation is essential for human life

Great Barrier Reef Australia is the largest coral reef
Belize Barrier Reef is 2nd
New Caledonia Barrier Reef 2nd longest double barrier
Andros, Bahamas Barrier Reef is 3rd largest.
Red Sea Coral Reef is number 4
Pulley Ridge, Florida is the deepest photosynthetic coral reef
Many reefs are scattered over the Maldives

Wildlife Conservation marine biologists report May temperature far above average. Sumatra island surface waters peaked at 93 degrees Fahrenheit = 34 degrees Celsius - a 7 degree Fahrenheit = 4 degree Celsius rise over long-term averages. The consequence:
Coral reefs in Asia are dying in an alarming rate.
BSB conservation education online: dead coral, skeleton of an animal that took or a very long time period to form
That's what a dead coral looks like
only the skeleton remains

Coral need a long time to grow, they are ancient life forms, found in all warm oceans on Earth.
BUT all around Earth Coral reefs are dying

Do you know what happens if they disappear altogether?
Coral reefs are part of Earth's oceans food chain. About 50 % of fish we eat lives around coral reefs. Over a billion humans depend on food out of the ocean, or they starve to death.
Do you think these people will die quietly?

Our research and the studies of many scientists blame climate change as a main reason for the deaths of Earth coral reefs.
Coral reef killers are:
1) Pollution - carbon dioxide
    acidification of ocean water
2) Higher ocean temperatures
3) Man-made chemicals
4) Unsustainable coastal development
5) Bottom-dragging fishing boats
6) Coral trade in jewelry + souvenirs

Over a fifth of Earth's coral reefs are dead. In the Caribbean are more dead than alive corals. It is quite possible that your grand children will not enjoy the beauty of corals.
Human enjoyment is a very small problem compared with the tremendous cascade effect for all life in Earth's oceans.
Exotic and colorful, coral reefs are not just rocks - they are built up by living creatures, called coral polyps that excrete a hard calcium carbonate exoskeleton. When these animals die, and their rocky structures erode, much of the coral marine life dies too, no more spawning, no more feeding habitats.
Fish we eat as the Grouper and Snapper will get extinct, oysters, clams and other creatures eaten by many would also suffer.
BSB Conservation education online: sharks are found in coral reefs, part of an intact food chain, balancing marine life
The livelihood of fishermen would go down badly.
Seafood will become a luxury good, not affordable to normal people, adding over a billion humans facing hunger.
Earth's food security will be threatened, and the economic damage would be enormous.

Think about reef visiting tourists, scuba divers, snorkelers, seaside resorts, sea food restaurants - all lose their income.
Or think about the types of coral and marine species that are being used by the pharmaceutical industry who needs healthy coral reefs to develop possible cures for cancer, arthritis, dementia.
Coral reefs are precious sources of food, medicine and livelihoods for billions of humans. They are also special places of renewal and recreation. With their exotic beauty and biodiversity, we should protect coral reefs as global treasures.
BSB conservation education info: dying coral reef, learn online about nature conservation, update your nature education
Another very ancient life form that is part of many coral reefs are


They grow in shallow water by trapping, binding, and cementation of sedimentary grains. A biofilm of microorganisms Cyanobacteria is cementing these grains together to form blocks.
Cyanobacteria are responsible for increasing the amount of oxygen in the primeval Earth's atmosphere through their continuing photosynthesis. They use water, carbon dioxide CO2, and sunlight to create their food.
The byproducts of this process are oxygen and calcium carbonate = lime.

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Loosing the physical protection of a coral reef is another big problem for many countries. When coral reefs deteriorate, ocean waves cause more damage to coast lines.

It is really amazing to see how Nature provides balance to all life on Earth. How can we get humans to learn and understand?
Mother Nature has a great plan - humans just have learned a few bits of it.

Lectures how to keep Earth Beautiful - learn how to Live in harmony with Nature

BSB quiz question, educational games - water quiz - fresh water quiz - ocean water quiz questions - What percentage of the world is covered by water - What percentage of the world's water is readily available for humans to use? - How much water is contained in the human body? -Which contains more water as a percentage of body weight, a woman's or a man's body? - Why do male and female bodies tend to have different amounts of water? - How much water does the human body lose in a typical day? - Why is water especially good for people on a diet? - What is the largest use of water indoors? - Public water systems produce billions of gallons of drinking water every day, more than 180 gallons per person - What percentage of that is consumed by people? -  How much of a chicken is water? - How much of a pineapple is water? - Quiz How much of a tomato is water? -Quiz How much of an elephant is water? - Quiz How much of an ear of corn is water? - Some 80% of the world is covered by water or ice Only about 20% is dry land - 97% of the water on earth is salty ocean and 2% is frozen.  The remaining 1% is available to meet human needs. If you're an adult, your body contains about 40 quarts or 10 gallons of water - A man's body is 60-65% water.  A woman's is 50-60% water - The human brain is about 75% water - Muscle tissue contains a large amount of water - Fat tissues contain virtually no water.  Men tend to have more muscle as a percentage of body weight while women have more fat - You lose 2.5 to 3 quarts of water per day through normal elimination, sweating and breathing - If you exercise or live in a humid climate, you may lose another quarter - It has zero calories and zero sugar, but a good drink of water can reduce hunger - Water also helps your body metabolize stored fats, helps maintain proper muscle tone, and helps rid the body of wastes - Lawn sprinkling uses the most water outdoors. Inside, toilets use the most, with an average of 27 gallons per person per day. Laundry averages 17 gallons per person per day and showers 14 gallons. Typically, less than 1% of the treated drinking water produced by utilities is actually consumed by people - Most goes for lawns, showers and tubs, toilets

Mexico environmental problems include not enough affordable nature conservation education to expand food production - Spain offers to little conservation education courses - - Indonesia cuts down a lot of tree. Missing nature conservation education leads to deforestation, water contamination, erosion problems because of deforestation, endangering marine life and humans - China has a growing population, more energy, more food, nature conservation education is very low on the to do list - German schools offer conservation education, but a lot of people are too busy to learn new things

Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation has a great mission:
Information + Education for all who are interested in knowledge.
Marianne Bonenberger director of education BSB
Peter Bonenberger president BSB

are offering this knowledge online and with lectures.
BSB is an international charitable nonprofit-Organization 501(c)(3)

Think about and see how wonderful our Earth was created..
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BSB Science Nature conservation education: pollution facts, types of pollution, international pollution science. How to reduce global pollution, global greenhouse gases, global wildfires. Humans on Earth need better air quality, better water quality, unpolluted healthy rivers + ocean protection. Hurricanes kill animals + humans. Lower pollution with efficient home appliances, less energy waste, less water waste. Nature conservation reduces air pollution, water pollution with recycling, promotes green driving, energy conservation through better energy efficiency. Answers to all pollution environmental issues. Peter Marianne Bonenberger give lectures, fun filled multimedia presentations to show why to protect Earth's Nature - - Greenhouse Gases

Global warming - - Climate Change

BSB research: Science definition Biodiversity means that every living being looks a little bit different, that babies do not look alike, that we have different plants, different health problemsBiodiversity

BSB recycling facts: Recycling to save resources! All raw materials and all energy are provided by our blue planet Earth, but they are NOT endless. Unfortunately, most of the provided raw materials + energy are not usable as they appear in Nature and are spread globally in deposits. Men need to use a lot of energy + resources to produce the materials we need. We have to collect, clean, concentrate, and transform these resources to generate primary raw materials that are usable for people and industry. Using recycled materials reduces the amount of energy + reduces the amount of materials we have to dig out! Most of all things we use can be recycled! - - BSB Geography education with maps: BSB maps, on countries, United States map, Earth map, BSB maps of Earth, map Earth rain-forest, global geology, earth carbon sink, global map earth conveyor belt, maps of Africa, maps of Oceania, maps of Asia, maps of North America, Central America countries, South America, maps of Europe rivers + countries. International Nature conservation through updated conservation education. Learn the location of countries on Earth

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BSB Geology education online: science of earth rocks. Geology, the Cretaceous period, Jurassic, continental plates. Warm shallow oceans teaming with sea life producing lime. Geology explains movements of tectonic plates, earthquakes, types of volcanoes, mountain ridges, geological forces. Why do mountains + volcanoes exist is topic of BSB conservation education lessons + workshops

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BSB conservation education religion: fractals in Nature
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nature conservation: knowledge about butterflies, to understand why butterflies nature's environmental balance. Help butterflies to survive, what kills a butterfly - nature conservation through education leads to higher butterfly survival ratesButterflies

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Science Biology, Chemistry, Physics: water full of energy, necessary for life as we know it- update nature education shows you the big picture
- Why does all life on Earth
depend on water?
- Why are the oceans salty?
- Why Water is a very
special 'juice'?
- Humans can live without food
for weeks, but
- without water we will
die after 3 days.
- Why do Humans use huge
amounts of water
to produce electricity?
- Is salt-water more heavy?
- Why can water dissolve
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BSB Conservation education explains how why to conserve trees, to plant new trees, to help a tree to grow, is one of the main tasks of a Master Conservationist. Why conservation education? Why is ethics responsibility so important? Why are the laws of nature still valid? Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation protects Nature providing conservation education, how fighting pollution, how efficient energy use betters our life. Environmentally friendly hydrogen fuel cells are green energy. Fuel cells lower air pollution, low greenhouse gases prevent droughts, floods, wildfires. Climate changed causes storms endangering life + well being of all life including humans. Nature conservation through science based Nature education saves money, makes happier healthier people. Goal: An educational website to protect humans in the future. Environmental solutions to keep Nature beautiful, conserve energy, lower pollution CO2, lower greenhouse gases methane, water body contamination to have a life with affordable food prices. BSB helps you not to go hungry. Nature news for a better life. Mission: Conservation education. Peter Marianne Bonenberger give lectures, presentations to show why to protect Earth's Nature Why trees are
so important!

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United States has many shore lines,as have many continents on Earth. Science geography:  an update nature education shows you the big picture
- Why is Earth called the blue planet?

- Why Earth has continents?

- Why Earth has earthquakes?

- Earth, the only home for Humans?

- Earth's solar system is special

- Why is Earth sick?

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BSB research and external studies clearly show that almost all terrorists have very low education levels. Support to BSB helps to spread an always updated education to all. Better informed people make better decisions, having a better life!
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