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BSB Environmental conservation education online: learning on the pc or handy or cell phone has become east today. Free WiFi spots are offered, everyone who is willing to learn can learn, can have a better life, can have a safer future! Humans need conservation education to stay healthy, protected from chemical pollution. Nature Conservation offers education on how to protect air + water + soil + food + wildlife + domestic animals. Millions of years earth balanced a natural environment, changed earthquake pattern caused by climate change. Nature conservation news tells you about Earth' health. Environmental news to protect air + water + soil + food. BSB-research published in these news helps to keep Nature beautiful + to secure our future + to have a better life!
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Most important to have a better life
How can an updated education help you?
How can You have a better life with an
updated education?

Why would it help to understand Nature?
BSB education in Nature, connect to Nature with BSB, learning about nature is real outdoor fun, hands on learning with Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation make you more happy
Why should YOU know or care about the
loss of some tiny salamander or bird?

Why should preservation of biological
diversity be important to YOU?

What skills do you need to master
the coming challenges?

BSB outdoor education in Nature, connect to Nature with BSB, outdoor learning, outdoor fun, hands on learning with Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation
A) Economic reasons - job creation - income
We just started to discover the economic potential of other species. A few dozen plants and animals provide the bulk of our food, clothing, and building materials. Many, many species are being lost before anyone has given any thought to their economic potential.
Currently, 121 prescription drugs sold come from plant-derived sources. 25% of pharmaceuticals are derived from rainforest ingredients.

B) Aesthetic - Beauty
Nature is beautiful and we can learn at lot from Nature. Lives are enriched, artists, writers are inspired by the beauty of the land. Our hearts are uplifted by the grandness of wild places. Do we really want to lose all this beauty?

C) Moral - Faith - Believes
We are not the Creator of life on Earth. Are we really entitled to destroy life? We share this planet with billions of other life forms. Does killing of life fit to our civilized notions of respect and fairness?

D) Biodiversity - genetic diversity
The key to improve domesticated species is to replenish them with genes from wild stocks. With the loss of species we impoverish the future gene pool for agriculture and other natural resource-based industries.

E) Research - Understanding
Penicillin was derived from bread mold. Over half of all modern medicines can be traced to non-human organisms. Should we destroy Nature before we can do thorough research? Less than 1% of tropical trees and plants have been tested by scientists.

F) Education ignites a lifelong quest for knowledge
The knowledge of behaviors, adaptations, knowing about the variety / biodiversity of plants and animals is very mind-expanding. Discovering the marvels of Nature gives you a glimpse in what wonderful world we are living.

G) Recreation - Outdoor fun
Part of being human is a connection to Nature - recreation in Nature is essential for human well being. What would be our life with all these different plants and wildlife support outdoor activities: hunting, fishing, birdwatching, hiking, camping, canoeing, swimming in lakes and rivers?

H) Practical reasons
Nature and all its creatures are one complex, interrelated machine. Killing species is like removing parts of your car engine. Deleting the first few screws can make it risky to drive, but at some point the whole engine is going to fall apart. Life on Earth was created in a balance - an interdependent ecosystem depends on balance. Can you imagine humans and other life forms sitting in a speeding car where many screws are missing?

I) Legacy - Inheritance
Would you honestly argue: "I don't care that the Earth I hand over to my children has only half of all life left, one third of the resources left, it had when I was born"?
Would you honestly argue: "I don't care if my children have healthy air, drinkable water, enough food"? Or vast prairies? Or rain-forests? Or wilderness?

If you really say: "I don't care", then you should be prosecuted for murder, for genocide of the next generation!

"In a global economy where the most valuable skill you can sell is your knowledge, a good education is no longer just a pathway to opportunity - it is a pre-requisite. Right now, three-quarters of the fastest-growing occupations require more than a high school diploma. And yet, just over half of our citizens have that level of education. We have one of the highest high school dropout rates of any industrialized nation. And half of the students who begin college never finish. This is a prescription for economic decline, because we know the countries that out-teach us today will out-compete us tomorrow. That is why it will be the goal of this administration to ensure that every child has access to a complete and competitive education - from the day they are born to the day they begin a career."

"Education is the most important long-term investment we can make in our future. Education reflects our love and our belief in freedom. It is freedom itself."
Hon. Laura Bush, Honorary Ambassador UNESCO, Former First Lady of USA

Look deep, deep into Nature
and you will understand everything better!
Albert Einstein

"The International Education charter is a declaration of fundamental principles for building a just, sustainable educated youth of global society for the 21st century. Created by global civil society CCLP Worldwide, endorsed by thousands of members, volunteers , organizations and institutions and individual engaged endorsing youth the Charter is not only a call to action, but a motivating force inspiring change the Earth over.
The international charter is being practiced drawn from declaration of higher education for 21st century by UNESCO ,Ten principles of United Nations Global Compact and Declaration of Higher Education for sustainable better livelihood."
The Education Charter International is endorsed by citizens of 96 Countries more than 400 Cities and 6000 Governmental, Inter governmental,Non Governmental Organizations and Individuals across our globe

Email us about strengthening your Nature education!

Better in-depth knowledge helps us preserve and
not to destroy Earth - as we know it -

A good environmental education helps us to understand and to deal with coming changes and challenges.

Education helps us to protect our families!

Why do plants bloom? Why do volcanoes exist? Why do we need butterflies?
BSB native plant education: Agarita blooming at Bear Springs Blossom Nature Preserve in the southern Texas Hill Country view at Edwards Mountain from Bear Springs Blossom Nature Preserve in the southern Texas Hill Country Butterfly at Bear Springs Blossom Nature Preserve in the southern Texas Hill Country

Why is water important to all life on Earth?
Bear Springs Blossom Nature education research on water and sun light. Education how water + sun keep life on Earth alive. Learn to understand Nature, update your nature education online

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Keep Earth Beautiful - Earth the only planet humans can find a home - Live in harmony with Nature

Keep Earth Beautiful - learn how to Live in harmony with Nature

Mexico environmental problems include not enough affordable nature conservation education to expand food production Spain offers to little conservation education courses - Indonesia cuts down a lot of tree. Missing nature conservation education leads to deforestation, water contamination, erosion problems because of deforestation, endangering marine life and humans - China has a growing population, more energy, more food, nature conservation education is very low on the to do list - German schools offer conservation education, but a lot of people are too busy to learn new things

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BSB members strongly believe that Conservation Education CE is the only solution to give the majority of human beings a better life on Earth.

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BSB Science Nature conservation education: pollution facts, types of pollution, international pollution science. How to reduce global pollution, global greenhouse gases, global wildfires. Humans on Earth need better air quality, better water quality, unpolluted healthy rivers + ocean protection. Hurricanes kill animals + humans. Lower pollution with efficient home appliances, less energy waste, less water waste. Nature conservation reduces air pollution, water pollution with recycling, promotes green driving, energy conservation through better energy efficiency. Answers to all pollution environmental issues. Peter Marianne Bonenberger give lectures, fun filled multimedia presentations to show why to protect Earth's Nature - Greenhouse Gases

Global warming - - Climate Change

BSB research: Science definition Biodiversity means that every living being looks a little bit different, that babies do not look alike, that we have different plants, different health problemsBiodiversity

BSB recycling facts: Recycling to save resources! All raw materials and all energy are provided by our blue planet Earth, but they are NOT endless. Unfortunately, most of the provided raw materials + energy are not usable as they appear in Nature and are spread globally in deposits. Men need to use a lot of energy + resources to produce the materials we need. We have to collect, clean, concentrate, and transform these resources to generate primary raw materials that are usable for people and industry. Using recycled materials reduces the amount of energy + reduces the amount of materials we have to dig out! Most of all things we use can be recycled!

BSB Geography education with maps: BSB maps, on countries, United States map, Earth map, BSB maps of Earth, map Earth rain-forest, global geology, earth carbon sink, global map earth conveyor belt, maps of Africa, maps of Oceania, maps of Asia, maps of North America, Central America countries, South America, maps of Europe rivers + countries. International Nature conservation through updated conservation education. Learn the location of countries on Earth

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Black Bear

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BSB Information topics:
United States has many shore lines,as have many continents on Earth. Science geography:  an update nature education shows you the big picture

BSB Geology education online: science of earth rocks. Geology, the Cretaceous period, Jurassic, continental plates. Warm shallow oceans teaming with sea life producing lime. Geology explains movements of tectonic plates, earthquakes, types of volcanoes, mountain ridges, geological forces. Why do mountains + volcanoes exist is topic of BSB conservation education lessons + workshops

- Keep Earth beautiful?

Why update your education?
Be more happy!
- have more money!
- be more attractive!
- have a better life!
- have a longer life!

BSB conservation education religion: fractals in Nature
WHAT did God say?

- Protect Creation
- with Education

- Isn't that one of
- the Ten Commandments

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nature conservation: knowledge about butterflies, to understand why butterflies nature's environmental balance. Help butterflies to survive, what kills a butterfly - nature conservation through education leads to higher butterfly survival ratesButterflies

Monarch butterfly - Wildflowers
BSB Information on Water:
Water Facts

Water Data

About Water

Why Earth has water

Water testing

Water pH



The H in H2O

Water Pollution

Water life

Earth Oceans

Ocean acidification

Ocean currents

Watershed divide

Riparian Areas

Power from Water

Water conservation

Water Conservation/kids

Water + Energy

Water + Trees

Thirsty for water

Water Drought article


Why Rainbows?
Science Biology, Chemistry, Physics: water full of energy, necessary for life as we know it- update nature education shows you the big picture
- Why does all life on Earth
depend on water?
- Why are the oceans salty?
- Why Water is a very
special 'juice'?
- Humans can live without food
for weeks, but
- without water we will
die after 3 days.
- Why do Humans use huge
amounts of water
to produce electricity?
- Is salt-water more heavy?
- Why can water dissolve
so many substances?
- Does water expand
when it gets warmer?
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- Ocean quiz

- Environment Quiz

Recycle Quiz
BSB Quizzes
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- Do you recognize?

- To think about

- quiz questions

- will update your

- knowledge

- giving you a better life
BSB Conservation education explains how why to conserve trees, to plant new trees, to help a tree to grow, is one of the main tasks of a Master Conservationist. Why conservation education? Why is ethics responsibility so important? Why are the laws of nature still valid? Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation protects Nature providing conservation education, how fighting pollution, how efficient energy use betters our life. Environmentally friendly hydrogen fuel cells are green energy. Fuel cells lower air pollution, low greenhouse gases prevent droughts, floods, wildfires. Climate changed causes storms endangering life + well being of all life including humans. Nature conservation through science based Nature education saves money, makes happier healthier people. Goal: An educational website to protect humans in the future. Environmental solutions to keep Nature beautiful, conserve energy, lower pollution CO2, lower greenhouse gases methane, water body contamination to have a life with affordable food prices. BSB helps you not to go hungry. Nature news for a better life. Mission: Conservation education. Peter Marianne Bonenberger give lectures, presentations to show why to protect Earth's Nature Why trees are
so important!

Philosophy - Sapere Aude! - Famous Men

Earth facts + numbers

Earth's Geology

Solar system Earth

Climate Change

Global Warming

Global Dimming

Patient Earth

Life on Earth

Keep Earth clean

Why Keep Earth?

Earth's Oceans

Earth's population

Glob. statistics

Global Issues

Earth's future?

Solar Eclipse

Earth's Spheres

Info about NASA

Earth from Space
BSB Information on Earth:
United States has many shore lines,as have many continents on Earth. Science geography:  an update nature education shows you the big picture
- Why is Earth called the blue planet?

- Why Earth has continents?

- Why Earth has earthquakes?

- Earth, the only home for Humans?

- Earth's solar system is special

- Why is Earth sick?

- Earth climate is changing

- Earth uncountable species

- Astonishing photos from Earth

- .....
BSB research and external studies clearly show that almost all terrorists have very low education levels. Support to BSB helps to spread an always updated education to all. Better informed people make better decisions, having a better life!
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