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About BSB - - Contact BSB Bear Springs Blossom news are global news. News that are updated, accurate, not manipulated, just the latest news. World news because we all need to live on this one planet, international news with conservation news headlines. Conservation of Earth is only possible with an updated nature education. Nature conservation to protect the future of humans is our goal. BSB Earth news provide information to update your conservation education which can reduce the impact of climate change, can give people a happier life, can people give a more secure future
Health insurance should be mandatory for all people. Doctors should not be allowed to overcharge. Updated conservation news help to stay up to date. US citizen try to avoid health insurance as long as they feel healthy. When they get sick they want to have a health insurance, because doctor change high prices for their service. Often you pay 100 Dollar before you even see a doctor. United States health insurance system is broken and corrupt. Great Britain's population enjoys a health insurance system, but when you get old, often you do not get the treatment you need to stay alive. BSB Environmental conservation education online: BSB offers science based nature education on biology, the human body, blood, the human skeleton, the human brain. Doctors are specialists who can find the reason why are you sick and how you can get better and healthy, healthy choices are not easy to make
Care for Earth = Care for Humans

Health Insurance

Human Inside - - Human teeth

Human brain - Human skeleton - Human blood

pH level of body - Human Health

Biodiversity - - Biology

Our brain needs a constant blood flow:
Without blood circulation we become unconscious!
BSB Biology: blood cells are an important part of human blood Blood cells

How does Health-care Insurance Work?

It is mathematics:
The economy of scale.

In the past a big family was able to provide care for a sick family member.
Mankind has always found safety in numbers
With a Health insurance, you are part of a big group of other people.
Statistics can show, how many of this group will stay healthy, how many of this group will be sick rarely, and how many of this group will need expensive care.
The bigger the group, the more reliable are statistics.
Many people share the cost.

Car insurance does exactly the same. It collects premiums from its customers, then uses that pool of money to pay accident claims when a customer has a wreck.

History of the health insurance
Hugh Chamberlin in 1694, brought up the idea of health insurance. Much later people could buy accidental insurance which was a real blessing for those who got injured in accidents.

Around 1847, the Massachusetts Health Insurance of Boston was the first who offered the first scheme policy with comprehensive benefits. Around 1890 individual policies were offered by insurance companies which covered everything related to injuries and accidents to diseases and sickness.

The history of the health insurance in Germany goes back to the year 1883. In this year the Bismark social legislation was adopted. A further important stage in the German history of health insurance was 1914, when a positive vote on health insurance laws secured the basis of health insurance for all. 1941 the health insurance for all German pensioners was integrated.

In 2010, the US-Congress has passed comprehensive health care reform. Every American can be covered under the toughest patient protections in US history. Arbitrary premium hikes, insurance cancellations, and discrimination against pre-existing conditions will now be gone.

Sometimes health insurance rates are unfair, but this is NOT because of mathematics, this is because greed had overwhelmed responsibility!
In a capitalistic society, competition should level the play field, but missing competition - as it happens today often in the US - let to abuse by some insurance companies -
only solution: MORE Competition!
Summary of How Health Insurance Works
Health insurance coverage reduces the risk of financial disaster because health costs are spread across a large group of people, and the healthy people help pay for the sick.

Problems occur, when the mathematical equations / statistics are not correct, or become outdated by big outbreaks of special illnesses.
One of them is the increasing amount of obese people. Their health costs are much higher, because of illnesses caused by obesity. So if you are in a group with many obese people, your premium will go up.
The idea of a health insurance for all, is mainly a mathematical need to get the group of insured people as big as possible.

If you are in a group with 10000 people and your premium is $500 your health insurance company will get 10000 multiplied with 500 equals $5,000,000.
If 20% of your group get sick and doctor, hospital and medication is $2500
your health insurance will go bankrupt,
because some of the money you have paid is needed to pay for salaries, the insurance building heating and cooling, for lawyers and liability insurance and more.

When there is a small group, the percentage of sick people will fluctuate much more than in a much bigger group.

So what should you look for?
Be part of a group of healthy people in an insurance company that doesn't spend millions of dollars for their upper management and that really takes good care of their customers.
If there is competition and people can compare the benefits of the offered health insurance, premiums will be competitive, what means that the insurance company will calculate your premiums with a "sharp pencil", just enough to cover their costs and make profit.
BSB health insurance info: Government data shows that the hospitals can work efficient or very inefficient - often lower costs come with better care for patients Be aware that Government data clearly prove that high hospital costs very often are not related to high quality patient care
As you read above: The bigger the group, the better

Let put an analysis on the individual mandate. The idea is a fundamentally conservative.
There are three choices for how to respond to the uninsured when they require health care.
1) Let them die if they are faced with catastrophic medical costs.
We as a country have deemed that unacceptable, so we allow people in this situation to receive emergency care which, if they cannot afford it, is ultimately paid for by the insurance companies in the form of higher fees charged by the hospitals in order to absorb these costs. That means the cost ultimately is born by the insured.
2) The US can raise taxes and have the government pay for insurance.
A conservative cannot like this idea - sounds like socialism.
3) We, the people, can find a private solution, like the individual mandate, that provides for full insurance coverage, but does not rely on government taxes. This raises the number of healthy people on insurance, which allows the system to accommodate higher-cost customers.
This is the basic concept behind market-based insurance.

Please give us your opinion!

Our food
We have warned our members for a long time about contaminated food:
and much more is found in our food supply.

Be informed what to look for - how to be prepared
Weed killer can kill your baby!
One of the nation’s most widely used herbicides has been found to exceed federal safety limits in drinking water in four states, but water customers have not been told and the EPA protection Agency has not published the results.
An analysis found that yearly average levels of atrazine in drinking water violated the federal standard at least ten times in communities in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Kansas, all states where farmers rely heavily on the herbicide.
Some states do not check at all.
More than 40 water systems showed spikes in atrazine levels that normally would have triggered automatic notification of customers.
In none of those cases were residents alerted.
In interviews, EPA officials did not dispute the data but said they do not consider Atrazine a health hazard???
Atrazine is banned in Germany for 22 years, because it has killed fish and is causing birth defects with under-developed heart and organs.

So, if you are pregnant or have a weak immune system, check your water quality - ask your water board.

In a study scientists of the University of Sydney found proof, that some sorts of honey can help Most of the time Antibiotics fight only special bacteria and antibiotics resistance is common and a big problem.
Honey used in the study was able to kill all bacteria, including multi resistant ones.
In the old days honey was used to treat skin problems, but nowadays antibiotics are number one - (maybe there is more profit to make?)
It looks like a substance in the honey called Methylglyoxal acts together with other parts to bring up this perfect solution.

As you know, the more we learn, the more we recognize that
Nature has a perfect balanced plan ...

What can we do to have a healthy weight?
As a rule of thumbs:
When you eat more
than 2000 calories a day
you will gain weight..
Eat less and you will loose weight!
If you don't eat or drink sugar after 4 pm you will burn body fat!
No diet plan needed!


100 calories: • Grapes - 150 Gramm
100 calories: • Tomatoes - 400 Gramm
100 calories: • Cherries - 150 Gramm
100 calories: • Cucumbers - 1 1/2 kg
100 calories: • Strawberry - 300 Gramm
100 calories: • Pear - 1 piece
100 calories: • Apple - 1 1/2 pieces
100 calories: 3 small plums
100 calories: Watermelon -- Two cups

100 calories: Corn Cob - 1 normal ear
100 calories: • Toast - ca. 2 slices
100 calories: • Chips - 15 Gramm
100 calories: • Popcorn - 40 Gramm
100 calories: • Peanuts - 15 Gramm
100 calories: 6 Reduced-Fat Triscuits

100 calories add up quickly
when you are thirsty:

100 calories: • 1 glass apple juice
100 calories: • 1 glass orange juice
100 calories: • 1 cup “normal” Cola
100 calories: • 1 big glass of carrot juice
100 calories: 5 ounces Red or White Wine

To get more information on food safety by email, please become a member of our non-profit-organization.
In the US Your donation is fully tax-deductible

Contact us - we all are part of Nature

We care for humans, so we need to care for our Earth! We express this task with our motto Keep Earth beautiful

Learn with BSB about the wonders of Earth!
Albert Einstein once said:
"We still do not know one thousandth of one percent of what nature has revealed to us."

Hear and feel the wonders of Earth
Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation has a great mission:
Information + Education for all who are interested in knowledge.
Marianne Bonenberger director of education BSB
Peter Bonenberger president BSB

are offering this knowledge online and with lectures.
BSB is an international charitable nonprofit-Organization 501(c)(3)

Think about and see how wonderful our Earth was created..
Learn to understand = having a better life!

Spain offers little to inform people how to keep earth beautiful - - - Indonesia cuts down a lot of trees. Missing nature conservation education leads to deforestation, water contamination, erosion problems because of deforestation, endangering marine life and humans - - - China has a growing population, more energy, more food, nature conservation education is very low on the to do list - - - India is a country full of potential. With a better education system and less corruption India could become number 1 in Asia - - - German schools offer conservation education, but a lot of people are too busy to learn new things
Peter Bonenberger + Marianne Bonenberger provide fun-filled multimedia lectures about earth's natural environment

Better in-depth knowledge helps us preserve
and not to destroy Earth - as we know it -

A good environmental education helps us to understand Nature
and to deal with coming changes + challenges.
Contact BSB - learn to understand Nature!

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