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BSB Environmental conservation education online: learning on the pc or handy or cell phone has become east today. Free WiFi spots are offered, everyone who is willing to learn can learn, can have a better life, can have a safer future! Humans need conservation education to stay healthy, protected from chemical pollution. Nature Conservation offers education on how to protect air + water + soil + food + wildlife + domestic animals. Millions of years earth balanced a natural environment, changed earthquake pattern caused by climate change. Nature conservation news tells you about Earth' health. Households have to pay higher prices, if land pollution is not stopped. Low education levels resulting in high pollution of land and soil, low water quality, polluted air. Conservation views and insights, news: Ethics religion would require humans to Keep nature beautiful, to reduce pollution, to care for trees, to care for their children. Updated conservation news help to stay up to date. Environmental news to protect air + water + soil + food. BSB-research published in these news helps to keep Nature beautiful + to secure our future + to have a better life!
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soil conservation is strongly needed and part of our international nature education program. Humans need to conserve soil to get food, plants need good soil to grow, our food supply depends on enough soil, water - soil conservation is important to nature conservation How long will we have healthy food?
Is contaminated grass good to feed our cows?
Is contaminated land good to grow vegetables?
Why do we dump oil to get bad drinking water?
Why do we allow people to endanger the future
of our children?

What is Land Pollution?
The deposition of solid or liquid waste materials on land or underground in a manner that can contaminate the soil and groundwater, threaten public health, and cause unsightly conditions is called Land Pollution

Many different waste materials have been causing land pollution.
The words:
Solid waste, construction and demolition waste / debris
hazardous waste, or often just trash or garbage
describe the materials than can harm humans and animals.
These materials can be moist and decomposable (biodegradable) food wastes or
dry materials such as paper, glass, textiles, and plastic objects.
Improper disposal of these often poisonous materials can contaminate the land, seep into the soil, seep into our drinking water reservoirs.

Soil consists of a mixture of unconsolidated mineral and rock fragments (gravel, sand, silt, and clay) formed from natural weathering processes. Gravel, sand, and silt are relatively coarse-grained bulky particles, while clay particles are very small and platelike in shape and have a strong affinity for water. Gravel and sand formations are porous and permeable, allowing the free flow of water through the pores or spaces between the particles. Silt is much less permeable than sand or gravel, because of its small particle and pore sizes, while clay is virtually impermeable to the flow of water, because of its platelike shape and molecular forces. The permeability of soil formations underlying a waste disposal site is of great importance with regard to land pollution. The greater the permeability, the greater the risks from land pollution
land pollution endangers all life on Earth. Humans need to conserve soil to get food, plants need good soil to grow, our food supply depends on enough soil, water - soil conservation is important to nature conservation Until the mid-20th century, solid wastes were generally collected and placed on top of the ground in uncontrolled 'open dumps,' which often became breeding grounds for rats, mosquitoes, flies, and other disease carriers and were sources of unpleasant odours, windblown debris, and other nuisances.
Dumps can contaminate groundwater as well as pollute nearby streams and lakes. A highly contaminated liquid called leachate is generated from decomposition of garbage and precipitation that infiltrates and percolates downward through the volume of waste material. When leachate reaches and mixes with groundwater or seeps into nearby bodies of surface water, public health and environmental quality are jeopardized.
Methane, a poisonous and explosive gas that easily flows through soil, is an eventual by-product of the anaerobic what means:in the absence of oxygen, decomposition of solid waste material. Open dumping of solid waste is no longer allowed in many countries. BSB gets many reports that leachate and methane from old dumps continues to cause land pollution problems.
A modern technique for land disposal of solid waste involves construction and daily operation and control of so-called sanitary landfills. Sanitary landfills are not dumps;
they are carefully planned and engineered facilities designed to control leachate and methane and minimize the risk of land pollution from solid-waste disposal. Sanitary landfill sites are carefully selected and prepared with impermeable bottom liners to collect leachate and prevent contamination of groundwater. Bottom liners typically consist of flexible plastic membranes and a layer of compacted clay.
The waste material is spread out, compacted with heavy machinery, and should be covered each day with a layer of compacted soil. Leachate is collected in a network of perforated pipes at the bottom of the landfill and pumped to an on-site treatment plant or nearby public sewerage system.
Methane is also collected in the landfill and safely vented to the atmosphere or recovered for use as a fuel.
Groundwater-monitoring wells must be placed around the landfill and sampled periodically to assure proper landfill operation. Completed landfills are capped with a layer of clay or an impermeable membrane to prevent water from entering. A layer of topsoil and various forms of vegetation are placed as a final cover. We doubt that it was a good idea to use these completed landfills as public parks or playgrounds.

land pollution with oil endangers all life on Earth. Humans need to conserve soil to get food, plants need good soil to grow, our food supply depends on enough soil, water - soil conservation is important to nature conservation Hazardous waste disposal requires special attention because it has already caused serious illnesses or injuries and poses immediate and significant threats to environmental quality. The main characteristics of hazardous waste include toxicity, reactivity, ignitability, and corrosivity. In addition, waste products that may be infectious or are radioactive are also classified as hazardous waste. Although land disposal of hazardous waste is not always the best option, solid or containerized hazardous wastes can be disposed of by burial in "secure landfills." Some hazardous wastes such as dioxins, PCBs, cyanides, halogenated organics, and strong acids are banned from land disposal in some countries, unless they are first treated or stabilized or meet certain concentration limits. Secure landfills must have at least 3 m = 10 feet of soil between the bottom of the landfill and underlying bedrock or groundwater table (twice that required for municipal solid-waste landfills), a final impermeable cover when completed, and a double impervious bottom liner for increased safety
Before modern techniques for disposing of hazardous wastes were legislated and put into practice, the wastes were generally disposed of or stored in surface piles, lagoons, ponds, or unlined landfills. Thousands of those waste sites still exist, now old and abandoned. Also, the illegal but frequent practice of "midnight dumping" of hazardous wastes, as well as accidental spills, have contaminated thousands of industrial land parcels and continue to pose serious threats to public health and environmental quality. Efforts to clean up such sites will continue for years to come.
In Nature, water seeps gently into the ground as vegetation breaks the fall. Soil acts like a sponge and feeds wells, feeds with its riparian areas small creeks, building rivers.
We need to protect our land, we need to protect our forests, our grass covered prairies when we want to protect our food supplies.
Farmers recognize the efficiency of contour-based systems for conserving soil and water for many centuries.
BSB Science Biology: healthy soil is very important
Protecting soil is protecting our food supply,
conserving life on earth, soil conservation,
erosion control is very important
If you are a responsible human,
land conservation is one of your tasks.
Simple things contribute to land conservation:
We all can make a difference!

JOIN US!! Help us to build a better future!
BSB members are informed humans,
who show responsibility
for the next generation! Conservation education: Butterfly - butterflies are a good indicator for environmental dangers, showing pollution and the over usage of chemicals, often seen on wet soil to feed on nutrition - soil conservation is important for healthy butterflies
What does BSB do?
We inform people how to live in Harmony with Nature + We explain what we can do to reduce pollution
We explain what we can do to reduce global warming + We explain how to use a Rainwater harvesting system.
BSB takes action on water conservation - together we can build a better future for the next generation
with healthy water and air, healthy food, and responsible use of natural resources!
Nature Conservation is essential to secure a safe future!

We have only this one little planet EARTH to live on! Let's take care of it, save it for the next generation.

Become a member: Start with ONE Dollar a month! You can send us your questions by email -
get personal advice + use our distance learning programs - learn whenever you have the time!!

"Responsibility is born when we start to care for others; when we think about the outcome of our deeds..."

Click here to learn more about sustainability - your sustainable life will give your children a safer better future When we protect Nature, we protect Humans.

Think about and see how wonderful our Earth was created! Live in Harmony with Nature + learn to understand Nature!

Mexico environmental problems include not enough affordable nature conservation education to expand food production Spain offers to little conservation education courses - Indonesia cuts down a lot of tree. Missing nature conservation education leads to deforestation, water contamination, erosion problems because of deforestation, endangering marine life and humans - China has a growing population, more energy, more food, nature conservation education is very low on the to do list - German schools offer conservation education, but a lot of people are too busy to learn new things

BSB Education    BSB Nature preserve - - Lectures - Keep-Earth-Beautiful - - Join BSB - BSB members strongly believe that Conservation Education CE is the only solution to give the majority of human beings a better life on Earth.
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BSB Science Nature conservation education: pollution facts, types of pollution, international pollution science. How to reduce global pollution, global greenhouse gases, global wildfires. Humans on Earth need better air quality, better water quality, unpolluted healthy rivers + ocean protection. Hurricanes kill animals + humans. Lower pollution with efficient home appliances, less energy waste, less water waste. Nature conservation reduces air pollution, water pollution with recycling, promotes green driving, energy conservation through better energy efficiency. Answers to all pollution environmental issues. Peter Marianne Bonenberger give lectures, fun filled multimedia presentations to show why to protect Earth's Nature

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BSB research on global warming is always updated by scientists who clearly show: global warming is caused by burning fossil fuels fast, causing different types of pollution, resulting in wild destructive weather. Plant growth of millions years created fossil fuels, humans burn fossil fuels fast destroying efforts for a long lasting nature conservation. Low recycling rates = high consumption of natural resources = lower greenhouse gas emissions. Global warming causes greenhouse gases part of international air pollution + water pollutants emissions. Global warming outcome: violent weather, storms, hurricanes, blizzards, worldwide floods, low air quality, tsunamis, human illnesses, food shortage, property loss

BSB research: Science definition Biodiversity means that every living being looks a little bit different, that babies do not look alike, that we have different plants, different health problems

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BSB research and external studies clearly show that almost all terrorists have very low education levels. Support to BSB helps to spread an always updated education to all. Better informed people make better decisions, having a better life!
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