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BSB Environmental conservation education online: learning on the pc or handy or cell phone has become east today. Free WiFi spots are offered, everyone who is willing to learn can learn, can have a better life, can have a safer future! Humans need conservation education to stay healthy, protected from chemical pollution. Nature Conservation offers education on how to protect air + water + soil + food + wildlife + domestic animals. Millions of years earth balanced a natural environment, changed earthquake pattern caused by climate change. Nature conservation news tells you about Earth' health. Environmental news to protect air + water + soil + food. BSB-research published in these news helps to keep Nature beautiful + to secure our future + to have a better life!
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BSB Master Conservationist

Earth needs an environmental balance!
We as humans and our Earth face a lot of problems!
Never before so many people have lived on Earth.
Never before so much food and energy was needed.
Never before so much food and energy was wasted.
Never before so many natural resources were wasted.
High amounts of CO2 are released in the atmosphere
High amounts of methane changes Earth's atmosphere.
Record temperatures measured in Earth's oceans.
The way we work, we use transportation will change.

The coming years will change our lives.
When you have finished our Master Conservationist course
you will understand what happens, what to do, where to look,
you will use your knowledge to solve the upcoming problems!

You will be the one in charge!
You will have a better life, a more secure way of life!

Better in-depth knowledge helps us preserve and not to destroy Earth
- as we know it -
A good environmental education helps us to understand
and to deal with coming changes and challenges.
Tell us:
Why and when you want to start
your Master Conservationist education.
And tell us what do you think about
Sapere Aude!

Learn on your computer with distance learning!
Learn whenever you have the time.
Depending on your knowledge the course will take 9 to 12 months.

Look deep, deep into Nature and you will
understand everything better!
Albert Einstein

BSB Master Conservationists and board members of Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation offer distance learning. Becoming a land conservationist, an water conservationist with online learning. Earth needs Master Conservationists. Becoming a BSB Master Conservationist gives the understanding how nature works, learn how to conserve life on earth. We strive to keep you informed on the most up-to-date research articles to help you make educated decisions Earth lies in your hands
learn to conserve Nature!
Have a better life!
We cannot help you to become
a new Einstein, but we can give you a better understanding how to manage a better life on our Earth!

Marianne + Peter Bonenberger were born in Germany
offering you personal science based education to become
a BSB-Master-Conservationist.
Every member at the
Steward of Earth level
can work on his/her BSB
BSB certificates confirm that the holder has an updated Conservation education, with science knowledge in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geology
A Master conservationist knows that the moon stabilizes the rotation of earth and causes low and high tides - learn online with our distance learning program - a master conservationist knows why Earth's planets circle the sun, knows solutions to environmental problems Without our Moon, Earth would be very different! BSB Master Conservationists can explain WHY
Master conservationist courses explain why Europeans uses less electricity per person than the US, their power plants have less pollution, their water usage is much lower. Wild fires, droughts and floods are effects of climate change Pollution triggers fires, floods, droughts
Main source of pollution: Wasted energy / electricity
A BSB Master Conservationists can explain how and why wasted energy harms humans.
BSB International Nature education is part of Bear Springs Blossom worldwide Master Conservationist education program giving humans the understanding how nature works, how to take action and solve global problems like climate change, air pollution, water contamination and soil erosion. A Master Conservationist understands how nature works, gives knowledge and is prepared for coming environmental challenges
An updated
Conservation Educationis important!
Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation Master Conservationist Curriculum, distant learning online courses

Learn to understand Nature + live in Harmony with Nature!
Members of the international Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation Group have a great mission:
Information and Education for all who are interested in Nature conservation.
Better informed people make better decisions!
BSB Master Conservationists can see the big picture! We have only this one little planet EARTH to live on!
Let's take care of it, save it for the next generation.
BSB Conservation education online: Sunsets are beautiful, but their colors can tell you a lot about the air ingredients
The color of the light can tell us a lot about air quality...

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