Sitemap BSB Education BSB lectures Patient Earth Search Updated conservation  education on water issues is needed. Conservation education about geology explains how Germany is affected by several mountain ranges who were pushed up by the African tectonic plate. German Nature Conservation education preserves Nature internationally providing updated science based facts, advice on global issues, on how to keep Nature beautiful
Logo of Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation, international charitable nonprofit organization providing nature conservation education to all countries on Earth Signature of Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation, international charitable nonprofit organization Earth's environment: Home planet Earth. Conservation views and insights, news: Ethics religion would require humans to Keep nature beautiful, to reduce pollution, to care for trees, to care for their children. Updated conservation news help to stay up to date. Bear Springs Blossom Breaking news on nature conservation that report violations on air pollution, water pollution. Ethics would prohibit men-made climate change. Ocean conservation + Water conservation is needed for protection of all life, flora + fauna on Earth = human protection, conservation of all water on Earth = human protection, conservation of all soil on Earth = human protection through affordable conservation education online to keep nature beautiful. No borders for water contamination, no border for greenhouse gases. Global air pollution. Energy waste globally. To keep Earth beautiful BSB offers solutions relying on more nature conservation, more soil conservation, global energy conservation. Keep nature beautiful with Nature conservation, reduce air pollution, climate change, increase recycling, ocean conservation, Water conservation, protection of all life, flora + fauna on Earth = human protection, conservation of all water on Earth = human protection, conservation of all soil on Earth = human protection through affordable conservation education online to keep nature beautiful. Earth is warming up, global temperatures are climbing, pollution is causing global warming, learn online about nature conservation, how to secure your future, how to stay alive with violent weather, floods, earthquakes storms. Life on earth depends on plants, that produce oxygen, provide food. Nature conservation keeps Earth beautiful. Earth is endangered by pollution  worldwide. Polluted air, polluted water, polluted soil, contaminated food endangers life. Humans need Nature conservation to stay healthy, protected from chemical pollution. Worldwide Nature Conservation to protect air + water + soil + food + wildlife + domestic animals. Millions of years earth balanced a natural environment, changed earthquake pattern caused by climate change. BSB global solutions offer help on many global issues. BSB research on geology is done by Peter and Marianne Bonenberger for decades. BSB-research published in these news helps to keep Nature beautiful + to secure our future!

Knowledge about Nature

Updated Knowledge to see the big picture - how to keep Nature beautiful + how to secure our future!
Nature Conservation News Headlines ".. Look deep, deep into Nature and You will understand everything better!" Albert Einstein
For thousands of years humans have tried to understand Nature.
Some humans did better, others destroyed their children's future!
Think about, how much has changed after you went to school?
BSB Knowledge online: consservation education map globe by NASA and many countries work together in the international space station in Earth's orbit Times have changed!
Knowledge has changed Conservation education: BSB knowledge: how plants are buried, environmental news, how water flows, how pollution spreads, how air is poisoned, how rivers flow - our distant learning nature encyclopedia offers online education, understanding why nature conservation is essential for human life
The only way for a better life is to work constantly on updating our knowledge!

Humans started a space program, traveling to the moon. Computers went from house size, to pocket size. House heating - one room with a stove to warm and cool with electricity and oil.
Chemistry looks deep into atoms, Quantum mechanics - particle acceleration!
International online Nature education is part of Bear Springs Blossom worldwide education program: How does Nature work? Definition Nature education. Learn online how to take action. Online courses explain how to solve global problems like climate change, air pollution, global warming, water contamination, soil erosion. Good international online Nature education helps to understand nature, nature conservation knowledge prepares for coming environmental changes + challenges as climate change  BSB Knowledge solution: international nature education environmental news. Bear Springs Blossom Nature conservation's worldwide education program offers understanding, how nature works, why take action, solve global problems like climate change, international air pollution, water contamination, soil erosion. Nature Conservation based on science, based on a sustainable, eco friendly life style can save Earth with sustainable environment free online nature encyclopedia, nature encyclopedia online, online encyclopedia, how nature works, online education, distant learning classes, online education courses, online education training, online education certificate, distance learning, continuing education, updated knowledge

Encyclopedia of international non profit Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation + Nature education. Science, emails environmental news, online courses how to keep Nature beautiful, how to read Earth maps, how to save natural resources, sustainable life style, protecting + conserving Nature. B+S+B offers free Nature encyclopedia online education on environmental problems, pollution changes temperatures issues, types of air pollution facts, water facts, recycling facts, water chemistry, types of pollution, water contamination, water pollution solutions, severe weather, science + solutions to climate change, global warming facts, endangered species, going green, wildlife, declining world species; main office Texas Hill Country, recycling facts, why to recycle, erosion control, water conservation, Earth's sphere Want to know how to handle all the links on BSB web-pages?

how much an acre of forest - how much the real value of land - land resources, how much is healthy water, good air? How much will climate change + global warming cost? What price to put on human health? International Nature education, conservation courses give answers, better health, more happiness, providing global Nature conservation What value would you put on a 1000 year old tree?

Free science education online Geology, science of earth rocks. Geology, the Cretaceous period, continental plates, Gondwana land. Warm shallow oceans teaming with sea life producing lime - geology explains movements of continental plates, earthquakes, types of volcanoes, ridges, geological forces Geo = Earth: Science of Earth rocks

A Master Conservationist understands what happens in nature, knows nature conservation, knows how to change climate change, how nature works - takes responsibility. Master conservationists: ratio over emotio to solve problems like changing climate, deforestation, air pollution, water contamination, water conservation, soil erosion, urban sprawl, depletion of natural resources. Master Conservationists give help, advice on environmental issues, explains greenhouse gases. Becoming a BSB master conservationist gives  knowledge to be a land conservationist, Nature conservationist, a real Nature lover, environmentalist BSB Master Conservationist - Master Conservationist curriculum: Main task of BSB international nonprofit is science based nature education. Bear Springs Blossom Nature conservation's worldwide education programs expand knowledge what happens on Earth, how nature works, recycling, solve global problems like climate change, international air pollution, water contamination, soil erosion. Nature conservation through updated nature education

Marianne Bonenberger + Peter Bonenberger, Master conservationists + Lone Star Land Steward Award winners, category outreach + education. Peter Bonenberger + Marianne Bonenberger offer lectures. Marianne Bonenberger + Peter Bonenberger use photos, video clips. Lectures why oceans need protection, lectures why to save rain forests, history lectures + what to learn from history, lectures on geology. College lectures about sustainability, pollution for science classes to secure healthy air + water. With Bear Springs Blossom Nature conservation distant learning, online education + master conservationist certificate you become an expert on Nature conservation enabling you to handle coming changes, challenges, helping your family to survive Ask us and we give presentation for you

BSB Science education online: Start to think and half of the work is done - Have the courage to use your brain. Immanuel Kant said: Enlightenment is man's release from his self-incurred tutelage, Sapere Aude individual liberty + knowledge. American Declaration = Sapere Aude = philosophy of Enlightenment, a worldwide education program. World Humans need solid nature education. Master Conservationists understand Nature, solve problems like world climate change, world wide air pollution, water ocean contamination + soil erosion, worldwide health problems Have the courage to use your brain

Free science education online: Endangered health by contaminated food, by free radicals. Chemicals, pesticides, fungicides, dioxins enter food + water supply containing mercury, lead, perchlorate, antibiotics, hormones. online facts about diets, weight loss, antioxidants, healthy food, unpolluted drinking water, conserving Nature strengthens human health Want to learn about calories?

NASA employees support Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation. NASA employee Robert Taylor, Vice president, BSB Master Conservationist. NASA studies: understand air pollution, climate change, environmental disasters. NASA's space satellites information on Geology, earth maps. NASA's scientists: how climate change + pollution  changes life on earth = destroying our world - NASA science video + photos Info from and about NASA

I don't care, so what, why me? Bear Springs Blossom Nature conservation worldwide education programs offer arguments why to care, why understanding what happens on Earth, how nature works, how to solve global problems. Nature conservation protects life + your children. BSB international Nature Conservation + Nature facts are based on science  sustainability so what? Updated knowledge Why? Coming changes are a real threat. B*S*B helps to keep nature beautiful, to protect water supplies with Nature conservation Why should I care?

Biodiversity - essential for life on Earth

how to fight pollution, to lower human impact on earth. BSB secures children's future with reduced energy consumption. Save money with better insulation, green driving - international Bear Springs Blossom Nature education provides facts, answers + solutions, protects biological diversity Tips what you can do

BSB Green solutions: science provides nature conservation + education information, causes of pollution, tips how to safe money with recycling, better house insulation, going green, energy efficient light bulbs. Green solutions: Be a responsible Land steward, become a master conservationist There are some solutions...

Erosion facts: Mulching is Nature conservation: simple + beneficial - organic or inorganic mulch, mulch fights erosion, mulch lowers or increases pH. Biomatter = mulch for water conservation, to reduce international air pollution If everybody would use mulch...

BSB Energy waste: an international issue. How to save energy is part of Bear Springs Blossom worldwide education program. A Home Energy Audit helps to reduce energy waste, resulting in lower energy bills, lower air pollution. Learn online how Energy Audit lead to good nature conservation Want to know why your energy bill is so high?

Energy savers information: tips how to safe money with better house insulation, green driving, energy efficient light bulbs. Energy saving knowledge to live in harmony with nature with active nature conservation There are possibilities to reduce you monthly payment and do good...

BSB knowledge to save: Save gasoline, lower gas bills. Green driving helps you and Nature on Earth. More money  + reduced air pollution, water contamination. Green driving lowers need for foreign oil. Save gas to save  Earth. BSB online nature conservation programs explain why green driving is active nature conservation There are possibilities to reduce you bill at the gas station and do good...

BSB nature conservation video clips, free solar hot water heating video lectures, video clip on mulching, native plant video clips, mulch video, wind power video clip, Texas Hill Country Earth video, video about swallows A picture says more than thousand words - our videos have many pictures

BSB knowledge online: millions of robots are used to help humans. NASA created Robonaut to accompany NASA's astronauts on the international space station. Medicinal robots help humans, do robot surgery. Garden robots mow the lawn, reduce water consumption, pesticide use, reduce energy use, providing a more healthy environment in buildings. Robots help businesses Going green with reduced air pollution, water contamination, less need for oil Sometime we think we need robots for the rescue...

Nature encylopedia: more people use more plants, overpopulated cities produce less green, less carbon dioxyde co2 used by plants Have you heard about CO2 Carbon dioxide?

going green = save money = save Earth. Show responsibility, make more money, raise profits, show friends + customers: Care about nature, the future of coming generations. Going green: reduce air pollution + water contamination, lower the use of fossil fuels as oil, coal Save money - save Earth...

BSB Nature encyclopedia online pages on water salinity, water ph, water chemistry, watersheds, water divides, water conservation, water pollution, Earth's oceans and seas, ocean currents, why is a rainbow so colorful, in depth in online education classes and programs Once our water was clean and healthy
All about water, easily explained

free online learning with internet Nature encyclopedia online pages, distant learning, online classes,  on native plants, wildflowers, Earth's different tree species, grasses, mushrooms, fungiAbout flora BSB nature encyclopedia, for online learning, for education updates on butterflies. Southern Dogface Butterfly is a member of the Pieridae Family which includes Sulphur and White butterflies. The Southern Dogface is a large, bright yellow butterfly with a black outline that somewhat resembles a dog's head on it's top wing, the black dot is the dog's eye). The markings on females of the species are somewhat less prominent. The Southern Dogface butterfly has a wingspan of 2.5 inches and may be found flying throughout the year. Sulphur butterflies rarely open their wings, except in flight or when mating, so getting a photo of the top wing can be difficult. This butterfly lives in open, dry areas such as thorn scrub and agricultural areas throughout the southwest. The larval host plant is the false indigo bush, and other legumes. The caterpillar is green with black and yellow stripes
About Butterflies

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Free online Nature encyclopedia plant life conservation issue: chlorophyll structure is similar to hemoglobin in blood. Without chlorophyll life on Earth would be different Science: air is essential for life on Earth - knowledge about the production of chlorophyll based on science. Bear Springs Blossom nature conservation's  international air pollution management program, provides air facts, helps with air conservation. take action today, nature education about air, how much air humans need, healthy air's health benefits, about Earth's atmosphere - healthy air helps our children BSB Nature education conserves Nature with knowledge, BSB nature encyclopedia online, online encyclopedia, how nature works, online education, distant learning classes, online education courses, online education training, online education certificate, distance learning, continuing education, updated knowledge - violent climate, air pollution, forest destruction endangers life internationally. Photosynthesis provides our food supply, changes the quality of air. Learn solutions how to save Earth, reduce global temperatures. Greenhouse gases destroy plants, reduce photosynthesis, gain knowledge with continued learning have a better life

Free nature encyclopedia chemical science online: one ingredient of air is oxygen, essential for life on Earth. The oxygen cycle influences weather, climate, making life on Earth possible. Bear Springs Blossom nature conservation's encyclopedia explains how important oxygen is

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